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The four most beautiful seaside villages in Sweden

With 3,218 kilometers of coastline there is always water nearby in Sweden. The country has traditionally lived off fishing and has one of the highest boat owners percentages in the world. The Swedes live on and around the water, and that is reflected in the many characteristic coastal towns that the country has. We list the most beautiful places for you.

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Kungshamn, in the Bohuslän region, is an hour’s drive from Gothenburg. Hidden in the slightly sloping landscape lies the coastal town with its characteristic brightly colored fishermen’s houses. The name Kungshamn means “royal harbor”, but whether there has ever been a relationship with the royal family is not clear. The area surrounding the village consists of forest and granite rocks. The town of Smögen is also nearby.

Authentic Swedish boat houses make Kungshamn one of the most typical fishing villages in Scandinavia
Authentic Swedish boat houses make Kungshamn one of the most typical fishing villages in Scandinavia

Kungshamn’s unique landscape features dramatic granite cliffs that rise sharply from the sea, creating a striking backdrop for your coastal exploration. Venturing out of the town, countless nature trails await your discovery, such as the hike to Hållö Lighthouse on the Hållö island. This historic lighthouse, dating back to 1884, provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the archipelago, and the island itself is home to gorgeous bays, beckoning you for a swim in the crystal-clear waters.

“Discover Kungshamn, a seaside haven carved by a rugged coastline, where nature’s beauty holds you in its embrace.”

Kungshamn, with its irresistible combination of natural magnificence and cultural heritage, serves as a seaside sanctuary like no other. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in its maritime history or embark on a thrilling adventure in unrivaled natural surroundings, this coastal gem will enrich your journey through the breathtaking Bohuslän region of Sweden.


The lively Smögen has a great attraction for visitors in the summer months. The long Smögenbryggan (walkway) along the water is the ‘grande boulevard’ of the village. Walk mainly to the end, where you will find the well-known colored warehouses. From Smögen there are various fun day trips to the nearby islands or board a fishing boat and take care of the ‘catch of the day’.

The many tall wooden mansions in fresh pastel colors in Smögen take you back in time.


Ystad is one of the southernmost places in Sweden and is known for its books and television series about Wallander. It seems as if time has stood still in Ystad. You can taste the history as you walk through the cobblestone streets and many squares of the town. The brightly colored wooden houses show the Scandinavia from times long gone. For the fans, various Wallander tours are organized that lead past famous places in the books and series.

Ystad has a well-maintained center that dates back to the Middle Ages.
Ystad has a well-maintained center that dates back to the Middle Ages.

As you wander the meandering cobbled streets of this medieval gem, let the rich history of Ystad breeze past you in the form of its well-preserved medieval buildings. Start your adventure by exploring the iconic Saint Mary’s Church (Sankta Maria Kyrka), where you’ll find an exquisite fusion of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Established in the 13th century, it serves as the heart of the town and a genuine landmark in the region.

“Ystad, a coastal gem where each cobbled street tells a story and each sunset leaves an indelible impression on the soul.”

Another must-visit location on any Ystad itinerary is the impressive Ystad Monastery (Ystads Kloster), a former medieval Franciscan friary founded in 1267. The surrounding gardens provide a serene setting for meditation or a leisurely stroll, while the monastery itself has been transformed into a fascinating museum that showcases a fascinating slice of the town’s past. Complete your historical tour with a visit to the Ystad Garrison (Ystads Fästning), a pair of 17th-century fortification towers situated just by the waterfront.


An hour’s journey from Stockholm is Sigtuna, which according to many is Sweden’s oldest town. In the year 980 it was founded by the Swedish king Erik Segersäll. The medieval town consists of a number of narrow streets with authentic colored houses and many traditional shops. The town is easily accessible via the train station of Märsta, and therefore a good change from the bustle in the Swedish capital.

Last Updated on April 15, 2023

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