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The ultimate Sweden checklist: this you should see during a visit

If you are on holiday in Sweden you want to see as much as possible in as little time as possible. You are looking for the authentic Swedish experience, but preferably in the most efficient way possible. Mr Nordic understands that, and has therefore compiled this well-organized checklist of the best highlights and the most beautiful experiences. That way you get the most out of your trip to Sweden.

Sweden, land of forests and Vikings

Sweden is a beautiful, sparsely populated country in northern Europe. It is a land of contradictions: beautiful lake and forest landscapes contrast with stylish, hip, modern cities. The country is of course known for its Viking history, but also for its progressive technology.

The flat landscape of the south contrasts sharply with the mountainous north. All this makes Sweden a country where you can retreat to the quiet forests to forget everything, or just mingle in the hip crowd in the trendy cities of Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. Sweden also offers in the winter possibilities, such as walking in the snow or trips with sled dogs, although it can get very cold in parts of Sweden, down to -35 degrees! Lapland is a special attraction in the north.

With a coastline of almost three thousand kilometers, there is always a beach nearby and with days that last almost 24 hours in the summer, there is also plenty of time to enjoy it.

The Sweden checklist

The checklist is made up of all kinds of different experiences. From food that you must have tasted to buildings that you must have seen and events that you must have experienced. Some parts are only possible in summer or winter. It is therefore best to look at which parts suit you and your journey. This is how you create your own unique journey and miss nothing during your vacation.

  • Visit the beautiful Swedish coast
  • Experience Swedish culture in the Skansen open-air museum
  • See Sweden from the water: do a boat tour
  • Eat the delicious Swedish meatballs
  • Celebrate the midsummer night party with the locals
  • Dive into the unique children’s world of writer Astrid Lindgren
  • Stay in one of the authentic and classic wooden red houses
  • See the beautiful natural phenomenon the northern lights
  • Drive through the winter wonderland with a sled dog
  • Take the hot challenge in a Swedish sauna

Of course this list is by no means complete. We therefore continue to add new ideas and update this list regularly. Do you have ideas or experiences that you think are part of the ultimate Swedish experience? Then let Mr Nordic know.

Last Updated on November 13, 2019

Mr Nordic

Mr Nordic

I'm a passionate travel blogger captivated by Scandinavia's stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and Viking history. I explore offbeat destinations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, providing authentic insights into Nordic life. When not adventuring, I share my experiences, photos, and love for Scandinavian cuisine. Join me as I uncover Scandinavia's hidden gems and magic!

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