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Explore Finland’s Stunning National Parks: Your Ultimate Guide

For those captivated by nature’s power and beauty, Finland’s national parks should be at the top of your must-visit list. This Nordic gem is home to an abundance of awe-inspiring landscapes, entwining trails, and a diverse range of accommodations tailored to satisfy any traveler’s need.

“Finland’s national parks: where nature’s power and beauty intertwine to create unforgettable memories.”

With no fewer than 40 national parks scattered throughout Finland, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas, the freshest air, and pristine environments. Catering to all outdoor enthusiasts, these parks boast activities such as hiking, bird-watching, and a bounty of other opportunities to discover unspoilt nature.

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Finnish nature in numbers

The Finnish lakes, unspoiled nature, unprecedented silence and above all tranquility ensure that you can unwind to normal life. Finland has around 35 national parks with a total area of more than 8,000 km2 of nature reserve. These national parks are a good place to embrace the Finnish wilderness and enjoy the flora and fauna. Most parks are easily accessible, offer beautiful landscapes and all have well-maintained and marked trails

“No matter your love for the outdoors – be it hiking, bird-watching, or simply exploring – Finland’s national parks have a place for everyone

These sanctuaries boast diverse landscapes, from dense boreal forests to serene, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged archipelagos. Collectively, the national parks attract well over 3 million visitors per year, a testament to their undeniable allure.

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Archipelago National Park

The Archipelago National Park is a Finnish national park located on the territory of the municipalities of Dragsfjärd, Nagu, Korpo and Houtskär in the province of Western Finland. It originated in 1983 and has an area of 500 km². Since 1994 it has been the core of the UNESCO-protected Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve. The archipelago is only accessible by boat. The Blåmusslan visitor center in Kasnäs in the south of Dragsfjärd can be reached via national highway 52 that connects Tammissaari with Salo. This is followed by the 1830 road that you follow in the direction of Kemiö.

The Finnish national parks consist of many hills and primeval forest, interspersed with lakes and are therefore perfect for a beautiful walk.

In the fall, the trees of the Lemmenjoki National Park color in beautiful shades of yellow and brown
In the fall, the trees of the Lemmenjoki National Park color in beautiful shades of yellow and brown

Lemmenjoki National Park

The Lemmenjoki National Park is located in northern Finland in the province of Lapland. The park was founded in 1956 and has been expanded twice since, the current surface area is 2850 km², making the Lemmenjoki National Park the largest national park in Finland and one of the largest in Europe. The park has got its name from the 80 kilometer long river Lemmenjoki that flows through the park. The Finnish name is derived from the Sami name Lemmee. The park borders the Øvre Anárjohka national park in Norway. There are approximately 60 kilometers of trails in the national park with even some bridges and boats. There are more than ten free cabins in the park and three cabins that can be rented.

Finland has 37 National Parks with a total area of 9,789 square kilometers.

The Oulanka National Park is also worth a visit in winter
The Oulanka National Park is also worth a visit in winter

Oulanka National Park

Oulanka NP is a Finnish national park and is located partly in the province of Oulu and partly in Finnish Lapland. The park was founded in 1956 and it covers the plateau between Kuusamo and Salla (area of ​​270 km). To the east, it borders the Paanjärvi Russian National Park, founded in 1992. In the national park you can enjoy nature, canoeing, camping and certainly make long walks.

“Between breathtaking vistas and the freshest air, Finland’s national parks enrich the soul and rejuvenate the spirit.”

In addition to the Oulanka Canyon (a canyon with steep walls), there is also a viewing point called Ristikallio (so-called rock), so named because of its typical shape. Well-known rapids in the Oulankajoki River are the Taivalköngäs, over which a suspension bridge passes, and the Kiutaköngäs, which foams through a gorge of reddish-brown rock.

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“Indulge in the unspoilt beauty of Finland’s 40 national parks, where adventure beckons and natural wonders abound.”

One of the best known walks is the so-called Bear Route (Karhunkierros), which has a length of 80 km. The route is equipped with free huts, shelters and campfires. The route is done on 5 or 6 days. In addition to the Bear route, there is also the Ristikallio route of 30 km, the small Bear route (pieni Karhunkierros) of 9 km and the Keroharju route of 14 km.

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