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An Unforgettable 48 Hours in Malmö, Sweden: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Malmö, Sweden’s southernmost and third-largest city, known for its stunning urban landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history. Packed with world-class attractions and delightful culinary experiences, Malmö is an ideal destination for a short getaway. If you’re in a time crunch and looking for a way to make the most out of your 48-hour stay, look no further. We’ve crafted this easy-to-read blog article guide just for you—making sure you explore the best of Malmö within your limited time. So, pack your bags and let’s get started!

“Malmö, Sweden’s southernmost gem, where the past meets the future in a delightful dance of rich history and vibrant culture.”

Table of Contents

Day 1


Arrival and Breakfast

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Arrive in Malmö and make your way to your chosen accommodation. Once you’re settled, fuel up for the day with breakfast at one of Malmö’s cozy cafes, such as Solde Kaffebar or Satori Kaffe & Tehus.

“Malmö is a treasure trove that packs together stunning urban landscapes, world-class attractions, and culinary experiences within its charming streets.”

Late morning

Malmöhus Castle and the Museum

Begin your Malmö adventure with a visit to Malmöhus Castle. As the oldest surviving Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, it houses the Malmö Museer complex, featuring various exhibitions, including art, history, and technology. Immerse yourself in Malmö’s fascinating past before moving on to your next destination.


Malmö Saluhall

Head over to Malmö Saluhall for lunch, a modern food market located in a historic warehouse. Treat yourself to a wide range of Swedish and international culinary delights, such as fresh seafood at Fiskebarran, local cheeses at Malmö Ost & Delikatess, and delicious vegetarian options at Noi Pizza.


Stroll around Gamla Staden

malmö, the main square, sweden

After lunch, take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Malmö’s Old Town, Gamla Staden. Discover the medieval St. Peter’s Church, pass by the historic half-timbered homes, and explore the central square of Stortorget, where you’ll find the iconic, 16th-century Rozenkrantz House.

“Bursting with colors and flavors, Möllevångstorget is where Malmö’s multiculturalism comes alive, serving as a true testament to the city’s inclusive spirit.”

Late afternoon

Turning Torso & Sustainable Kockumsparken

Visit Santiago Calatrava’s stunning architectural masterpiece, the Turning Torso, which stands as the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia. Afterward, take a relaxing walk around Kockumsparken and explore its futuristic installations, promoting both art and sustainability.


Dinner & Entertainment

Indulge in Malmö’s diverse food scene and experience a traditional Swedish Herring and Schnapps dinner at Mello Yello, or sample small bites and modern dishes at Lyran. To end your night, take advantage of Malmö’s vibrant entertainment scene by visiting to check for concerts or live performances happening during your visit.

Day 2


Breakfast & Bicycle Rental

Start your day with breakfast at cozy Lilla Kafferosteriet or head to trendy St. Jakobs Stenugnsbageri. Afterward, rent a bicycle from Malmö by Bike to explore the city with eco-friendly convenience.

“Cycle around the charming streets of Malmö, where modern and historic architecture seamlessly blends into one captivating skyline.”

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Late morning

Ride through Kungsparken & Slottsträdgården

Cycle around the sprawling, lush grounds of Kungsparken and Slottsträdgården, Malmö’s enchanting green spaces. Don’t miss the exquisite gardens, sculptures, and picturesque views of Malmö’s thriving flora.


A slice of Möllan’s multiculturalism

Visit Möllevångstorget, the heart of the bustling Möllan neighborhood, known for its multicultural vibe. Choose from a diverse range of eateries for lunch, such as vegetarian eats at Kao’s, Indian cuisine at Curry Republik, or the Mediterranean-inspired Folk å Rock.

“Spend 48 hours in Malmö, a city that promises adventure, history, and gastronomic wonders in every corner.”


Ribersborg Beach & Sauna

Cycle to the tranquil Ribersborg kallbadhus—a coastal gem with beautiful views of Øresund and Copenhagen. Unwind on the white sandy beach, take a dip in the sea, and experience the traditional Swedish wood-fired sauna at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus.


Final Swedish Dinner

End your trip with a memorable dinner at Västergatan, which highlights the best of modern Swedish gastronomy. Treat yourself to their seasonal tasting menu, capped off with a smooth glass of local craft beer or aquavit.

In just 48 hours, you’ll experience the best Malmö has to offer, from fascinating historical attractions and cultural hotspots to delightful gastronomic treats. Malmö is a city where the past meets the future, and with this guide, that future will unfold in front of your eyes over an unforgettable two days.

Last Updated on April 23, 2023

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