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The top 3 most beautiful beaches in Skåne in Southern Sweden

You might not expect it, but Skåne is the place to be if you’re looking for great beaches. Remarkably enough, these are stark white in many places! Wide vistas, rugged hiking trails and apple blossoms as...

Everything you need to know about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a lake created in a lava field that is filled with warm water from the Svartsengi Hot Water and Power Plant nearby the Icelandic capital Reykjavík. The water is extremely salty (12.5%) and...

The four most beautiful islands in the Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm itself is built on 14 islands, but around it is a vast archipelago (in Swedish: skärgård) of about 24,000 islands. Only 150 are inhabited, so some ‘islands’ are no more than a rock...

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