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Fishing in Finland

Fishing in Finland: this is what you need to know

Finland is a real fishing paradise, partly due to the thousands of lakes, the small population density and the beautiful landscape. In addition, fishing is one of the most important leisure activities of the Finns themselves. Fishing in Finland will certainly provide an unforgettable experience!

Fishing in the land of a thousand lakes

Finland is also called ‘the land of a thousand lakes’. However, this is incorrect. The country has around 188,000 lakes! In addition, another 647 rivers flow through the country and the country is enclosed by 52,760 square kilometers of sea. As a result, it is not so strange that most Finnish cities are by the sea, a lake or a river. Finland is therefore the ideal location for water sports enthusiasts and fishermen. In addition to the many tourists coming for the fish, the Finns themselves also fish a lot. Almost every family has a boat. The largest lake is Lake Saimaa. There is no exact size for this lake because it is not a clear water surface, but a lake system with all kinds of lakes that are connected to each other. An area of ​​4,500 km² is maintained. In addition, the southeast of the country is spotted by countless lakes.

Finland is a country for fishermen. Young and old, men and women, everyone is equally crazy about fish.

Fish species in Finland

About 40% of the population regularly casts a rod and this is not so strange. The water is crystal clear and very clean. You can even go fishing in the middle of the city. The main attraction for fishermen coming to Finland is probably the diversity of fishing spots. So you can fish on a wildly flowing river, on or on the lake or with a boat in the sea. Fish species such as perch, cod, carp, pike, trout, sand fillet, suture, herring and salmon can all be found here. For the herring you can go fishing in the Baltic Sea, salmon is again found mainly in the rivers in Lapland. The most popular fish species for fishing are pike, trout and salmon. For example, there are a lot of fish in the lakes and rivers of Ruka and Kuusamo. The water is also so clear that you can drink it. After you’ve caught the fish, you can take the animal to prepare and then eat. Do you want to know the best fishing spots? Then get a fishing guide at the local tourist office in Finland.

Even in the spring there is still fishing under the remaining ice
Ice fishing in Finland

Ice fishing

You can fish in Finland even in winter, when the ice is frozen. Ice fishing is a very popular sport. If you just want to cast a fishing rod, you don’t need proof. However, as soon as you start using other tools, you need proof and you have to pay. This is done to maintain the fishing areas. After you have purchased a permit you can go fishing. Ice fishing is very popular in Finland and you will see well-packed fishermen on the ice flats everywhere in the winter. With ice fishing you often need a permit, because you are fishing with bait. The ice is sometimes 40 centimeters thick, once this is pierced with an ice drill you can go fishing. Ice fishing is done with a colored bobber, comfortable but warm clothing and a small folding chair. The tranquility, nature but also the kick to search under the ice are important elements to choose for ice fishing.

Afterwards you can taste your catch yourself, around a campfire where the caught fish is barbecued. Fish has never tasted so good!

Can you picture it already? With a hand drill, a string and a piece of bait on the way to a frozen lake. The guide spreads the reindeer skin where you can sit comfortably and start drilling. After you have drilled a hole in the ice, fishing can begin. Hopefully you’ll catch on quickly and catch a big fish.

Fishing license in Finland

With its clean and clear water, its lakes, rivers, rapids and coasts, Finland has unlimited opportunities for fishing. Common fish species include pike, perch, big marene, salmon and trout. Anyone fishing in Finland with a fixed rod without live bait does not need a fishing license. In all other cases you must purchase a provincial and / or local fishing license. Leased waters often calculate per unit of time and sometimes also per catch. The amount usually has to be paid at the post office. You can find more information about fishing licenses on this site.

Last Updated on June 1, 2019

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