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This is how you can visit Copenhagen and Malmö in one weekend

A day trip to the Swedish town of Malmö should not be missed during your city trip to Copenhagen. Thanks to a fast train connection between the two cities, you will be in another country in no time. A rich history, lots of art and an oasis of tranquility. You really don’t want to have missed that. In this article you’ll find the best tips for traveling from Copenhagen to Malmö and visiting both cities in one weekend.

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and used to be part of Denmark. Despite the old city center, the small town is still very modern. The cozy town is filled with nice museums, cozy neighborhoods and parks and you can also enjoy shopping. Ideal for a fun day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö.

How do you get from Copenhagen to Malmö?

You can reach Malmö from Sweden in different ways (or vice versa). I list the various options for you.

Travel from Copenhagen to Malmö by bus

The Flixbus from Copenhagen to Malmö is the cheapest way to commute from one city to another. Moreover, it is also very comfortable to travel and you only lose an hour and a half. You can book a ride on the bus from € 3.90 to € 6 per person. The bus departs from Copenhagen Central Station and takes you to Malmö Central Station in 90 minutes.

Travel from Copenhagen to Malmö by train

This is the most fast and comfortable way to travel. Thanks to the Öresundtag you are in the center of Malmö in half an hour. This express train also runs over the Sunt Bridge, which serves as a direct connection between the two cities. A train leaves from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö every 20 minutes. If you come directly from the airport, the train even runs at night. It can be very busy during rush hour, because many Danes and Sweden use the train to commute. You pay around € 12 for a train ticket from Copenhagen to Malmö.

Travel from Copenhagen to Malmö by car

Thanks to the Sound Bridge (Öresundsbrug), a drive from Copenhagen to Malmö takes just 47 minutes. This connection not only serves as a railroad, but also as a highway. The E20 leads you directly to the Swedish city. If you travel by car, it’s best to take extra costs into account, such as fuel and parking fees. For example, tolls also apply on the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö. You pay € 56 for a single journey on a passenger car over the Öresunds bridge. That is why I do not recommend crossing the border by car. Bus and train are much cheaper and also much more comfortable.

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Mr Nordic

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