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An exciting day at the Liseberg amusement park in Göteborg

The people of Gothenburg go to Liseberg for walking, partying and having fun. From various attractions you have a magnificent view of the Swedish port city. Liseberg is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. The park opens every year in April. That is celebrated with fireworks. Almost every year something is changed or added to this park. Not only can you go for different roller coasters, but there are of course also quieter attractions, gambling tents where you can win gigantic boxes of chocolate and of course various shops and restaurants.

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The history of Liseberg

Just like the even more famous sisters Prater in Vienna and Tivoli in Copenhagen, Liseberg amusement park is also located in the middle of the city: in Gothenburg, Sweden. The park, which opened in 1923, is built against a mountain, which means that there are many differences in height that offer a wonderful view of the terrain. Escalators ease the climb of the steepest slopes.

A city park has its own charm: it is open longer in the evenings and there are theaters, so that city dwellers regularly walk in for entertainment. The same goes for Liseberg: Gothenburg lovers love the park! It therefore has a lot to offer. There are various scenes where shows for young and old are given. And in Rondo people can get off the ground; something that especially the older residents of the city like to do. The range of restaurants is also adapted to the location: there are various high-quality à la carte restaurants.

Attractions and roller coasters for young and old can be found in Liseberg. In addition to many playgrounds and children's attractions, there are also huge roller coasters and fast thrill rides.
Attractions and roller coasters for young and old can be found in Liseberg. In addition to many playgrounds and children’s attractions, there are also huge roller coasters and fast thrill rides.

The Göteborg amusement park

Liseberg is a must for the attractions; the park is regularly in the publicity with another spectacular new experience. One of the latter is Uppswinget, a super swing like no other in Europe. Each of the two swings accommodates sixteen visitors, who reach a swing height of no less than forty meters at a speed of eighty kilometers. Uppswinget stands on a mountain so that nobody can overlook the sensational attraction.

Striking on top of that mountain are also three eye-catchers: the Lisebergshjulet Ferris Wheel, AtmosFear free-fall tower and a tower in which you are shot upwards. The Lisebergbanan roller coaster runs around the towers and the mega swing, one of the longer tracks in the world.

There are even more striking speed attractions, such as the dive coaster Valkyria on which the trains reach a speed of 105 kilometers per hour during the fifty-meter descent. The first descent from Balder wooden roller coaster has an angle of seventy degrees. Beside Balder is Loke, a rotating mega swing that shoots into the air at a speed of one hundred kilometers to more than 41 meters. A major attraction is the Guest Hotel. The visitors who dare to check in at this small ghost hotel near the harbor experience exciting things. They are shown around by a host of flesh and blood.

Everywhere in Liseberg there are stalls where lotteries and lucky games are held. The prizes to be won are huge bars of chocolate, huge bags of chips or colossal bonbons.

Liseberg has converted its Tornet observation tower into free-fall tower AtmosFear, the highest in Europe at 116 meters. Visitors step into the basement of the tower. In one and a half minutes they turn upwards, enjoying the magnificent view of Gothenburg. Not much later the free fall follows, in just three seconds and with a breathtaking speed of one hundred kilometers per hour.

The green rabbits, the Liseberg mascots, have their own country in the park: Kaninlandet. The play area for children has seven attractions, including a bicycle monorail, a mini free fall tower, a ferris wheel, a balloon carousel and a small roller coaster. Liseberg has countless other attractions that make a visit worthwhile for young and old. And when all the lights go on in the park and the city in the evening, the day gets a fairy-tale apotheosis.

The annual Christmas market opens in mid-November, with countless stalls selling hand-made presents, an ice rink and Santa’s World. The park, which attracts crowds of visitors in the weeks before Christmas, is completely adorned with Christmas atmosphere and decorated with almost five million small lights.

How to get there

The adress is Liseberg, Örgrytvägen 1, 40222 Gothenburg, Sweden. The park is located in the middle of Gothenburg and can be recognized from afar by the towers on the mountain.

Public transport: tram line 5 has a stop at Liseberg, just before the entrance. The Korsvägen stop is also within walking distance of the entrance and tram lines 2, 4 and 8 stop there. Liseberg can also be easily reached on foot; the park is about a twenty-minute walk from Gothenburg Central Station.

What does Lisberg cost?

  • Entrance fee (without attractions): SEK 110 per person (approximately € 10.50)
  • Children under 1.10 meters free
  • All-in pass (Allt-i-ett) for entrance and attractions: SEK 485 (approximately € 46.00)
  • Ride pass for attractions (Åkpasset): SEK 385 (approximately € 36.50) ).
  • Ride pass for 20 children’s attractions: SEK 250 (approximately € 23.50)
  • Individual attractions: SEK 25 (approximately € 2.50 – an attraction costs between one and four attraction tickets)
  • Spookhotel Guests: 3 separate attraction tickets (approximately € 7.00 )

Check for up-to-date information the official Liseberg website.

Last Updated on April 24, 2023

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