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Walk through history in Ribe, the oldest village in Scandinavia

The oldest town in Denmark and in all of Scandinavia is Ribe. Ribe is located in western Denmark, in an area called Jutland and close to the Wadden Sea. About 18,000 people live in Ribe and it officially belongs to the somewhat larger town of Esbjerg. Ribe was classified 710 N.C. founded as a trading post by Vikings. The Vikings from Denmark and traders from Western Europe met here. The village became an important trading city and the town expanded quickly.

As the oldest city in Denmark, Ribe is one of the undisputed must-sees of West Jutland. The colorful streets are full of beautifully preserved buildings.

Ribe had to be rebuilt because of, among other things, the great fire of 1580. Because the economic importance of the city declined later, Ribe was able to retain its historic atmosphere. This makes Ribe very popular among tourists today. Ribe has a lot to offer visitors, such as the island of Mandø, the Viking market, the Vinking center, the Viking museum and the beautiful surroundings.

Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark and perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the country.
Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark and perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the country.

The influence of the Vikings

As mentioned, the origin of Ribe is due to the Vikings. The town still exudes the atmosphere from the time the Vikings reigned. A walk through the old center of Ribe is therefore certainly fun to do. Sights such as the Dom Church from 1117 and the oldest Town Hall in Denmark are also worth a visit during your holiday in Denmark! You can also discover how the Vikings used to live in Denmark in the Viking Museum. A visit to the Viking Museum is highly recommended! In the Viking Museum you learn everything about the life of the Vikings and the history of Ribe and Denmark. Special exhibitions can be seen in the Viking Museum, there is an adventure hall and events are re-enacted. The Viking Museum is suitable for young and old!

Ribe is next to a cozy and beautiful town also the location in Denmark to learn more about the Vikings. In Museum Ribes Vikinger you will learn a lot more about the history of this old Viking city.

Viking Museum, Ribe In addition to the Viking Museum, you can also visit the Viking Market (Viking Market) and the Viking Center, an open-air museum. The Vikingecenter is located in Lustrup, a place near Ribe. The Viking center is open from May to October. During a visit to the Vinking Center you will be taken back in time! In the Viking center you walk past the Viking houses and discover how the Vikings used to live. At the Vinkingmarkt you can see how the Vikings used to make jewelry, among other things, and of course you can also buy anything. The bird of prey show at the Viking Center, where you can see how the Vikings used to hunt, is also very spectacular! In short, you should not miss the Viking market, the Viking center and the Viking museum during your holiday in Denmark!

More than 100 buildings have been restored, creating the illusion that Ribe is still in the 13th century.
More than 100 buildings have been restored, creating the illusion that Ribe is still in the 13th century.

Ribe area

About 30 kilometers from Ribe is the town of Esbjerg. There is also a lot to do in Esbjerg. In Esbjerg you can play golf and go out for dinner. In Esbjerg you will also find a mini zoo and a nice center where you can enjoy shopping and terraces. Furthermore, the Fishing and Shipping Museum of Esbjerg is very interesting. In addition, Esbjerg is the most important port in Denmark. So Esbjerg is definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Denmark!

Ribe is about 5 kilometers from the Danish West Coast. With that you can perfectly combine a visit to the city with a beach holiday or popular destinations in West Jutland.

Mandø, Denmark In addition to Esbjerg, Mandø is also very nice to visit during your holiday to Denmark. Mandø is a Wadden island that is part of Ribe. It lies in the Wadden Sea of ​​Denmark, southwest of Ribe. On the Wadden island of Mandø you can relax completely. The nature on Mandø is beautiful and not many people come. You can enjoy excellent horse riding and cycling and walking tours that lead you to the most beautiful places of Mandø. When you are in Mandø, the beautiful mill and the church of Mandø are nice to visit.

Ribe during the yearly "Ribe Dyrskue SammeDag", an animal show event.
Ribe during the yearly “Ribe Dyrskue SammeDag”, an animal show event.

Because Ribe is in the Wadden area, the area is protected. As a result, many water birds and seals are found in the area. So there is a good chance that you will encounter these animals during a beach walk or drive on the beach at Rømø. With a bit of luck you can also enjoy the special natural phenomenon Sort Sol. During a Sort Sol, countless starlings make an air dance during sunset. A unique phenomenon!

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Last Updated on September 23, 2019

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