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The complete guide for exploring the Swedish island of Gotland

Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. It is a wonderful island for walking or cycling on quiet country roads, along white beaches and roadsides full of colorful flowers. Gotland has a mild climate with lots of sunshine and is therefore popular among the Stockholmers. The island is easy to combine with a city trip to Stockholm. The crossings to the island from Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn take only 3 hours. Here you’ll find the complete guide to exploring the island of Gotland.

The island of Gotland has a large coastline of around 800 kilometers, and you will also find the fantastic Gotska Sandön park on this island. A trip to the medieval town of Visby is also highly recommended.

How to get there

Gotland is located 90 km from the Swedish mainland. Traveling to Gotland is now easier than ever. You can go there by ferry, plane or by sea in your own boat. The best way is still to take one of the ferries to Gotland that leave from Nynäshamn and Oscarshamn. Timetable and rates can be found on the Gotland website.

Discover the nature of Gotland

The nature of Gotland has plenty to offer. The “Raukar”, an ancient limestone formation that rises high above the sea, is known far beyond Sweden. Below that you will find the Hoburgsgubbe on the south side and Digerhuvud in the North on neighboring island Faro. Faro is definitely worth a visit when you stay in a holiday home in Sweden. The fascinating landscape and the dune area Ulla Hau is also fun for children and with its unique animal world definitely worth it. The stalactite caves of Lummelunda are a beautiful natural work of art. The caves are among the largest in Europe and have a total length of no less than 4.5 kilometers.

The historic town of Visby on Gotland is one of the oldest places of Sweden

Explore the rich culture in the historic capital of Visby

From a cultural-historical point of view, Gotland is also extremely interesting. The inner city and the city wall of capital Visby are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The wall that was built in the year 1300, the small alleys, the viewpoints and the many roses gives you a typical medieval feel. The history of Gotland comes alive when you visit one of the 92 medieval churches that are scattered throughout the island. In Klintehamn you can admire the true beauty of archeology. Go back in time and visit the Gotland museum in the capital. The museum houses many stained glass windows, wooden statues and runic cities.

Peace, space, beautiful nature and culture on the Swedish island of Gotland

Taste the delicious cuisine of Gotland

During your stay in an apartment in Gotland, try the special Safranspannekoeken or the Kajsoup (type of potato soup). Lovers of the modern kitchen cannot get lucky here. There are 7 of the 199 best restaurants in Sweden here. Join the fishermen on the water in Bohuslän for the mussel or lobster safari. Spring, summer and fall is the high season for crustaceans. The island is known for its fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, and cheeses. In the fall you will find an exclusive range of truffles. Each region has its own specialties. Sample the delicious local cuisine on the island of Gotland!

Last Updated on May 13, 2019

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