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A Seafood Odyssey: The Six Best Places to Eat Fish in Gothenburg

When you think of Gothenburg, you think of the sea. When you think of the sea, you think of fish. It will therefore come as no surprise that this port city has a number of excellent fish restaurants. In this article, we’ll show you the six best seafood restaurants in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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The city’s attraction to the sea is vividly demonstrated through its picturesque wooden houses, bustling ports, and historic vessels now permanently docked. Gothenburg’s maritime legacy further enriches the city’s extraordinary fish and seafood culinary scene, enticing visitors with both its nautical charms and an abundance of fresh, delectable seafood.

A food lover’s guide to satisfying your seafood cravings in Gothenburg

Introduction: Welcome to Gothenburg, a beautiful city on Sweden’s west coast that has no shortage of delicious fish and seafood options! It is said that you haven’t truly experienced Gothenburg until you’ve indulged in its fresh and delectable seafood offerings. So, strap in for a mouth-watering adventure as we unveil the six best places to eat fish in this coastal paradise.

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Sjöbaren in Haga:

Begin your fishy journey in the old town of Haga, at the charming and rustic Sjöbaren. This cozy bistro is renowned for its traditional Swedish fish and seafood fare. You absolutely cannot leave without trying their legendary herring dish served with potatoes and lingonberries. Pair your meal with a local beer, sit back, and be hooked for life!

“The seafood in Gothenburg is a true manifestation of the city’s proud maritime soul; one taste, and you’ll be transported to the idyllic shores of the Swedish west coast.

Feskekôrka (The Fish Church)

A sight to behold, the Feskekôrka is both an architectural landmark and a thriving fish market. While it might not be a conventional restaurant, we highly recommend you eat your way through the fresh fish and shellfish on offer. Sample shrimp sandwiches or grab a container of ready-to-eat seafood salad, and enjoy your impromptu fish feast along the picturesque Göta River.

Situated inside the iconic Feskekôrka, Restaurang Gabriel is a lovely spot to treat yourself to a delectable seafood feast. With its open kitchen and cozy seating, you’ll feel right at home as the talented chef, Gabriel Melim Andersson, concocts culinary masterpieces using the freshest catch. Don’t miss their signature dish, “Gabriel’s Fish,” a perfect harmony of baked halibut, horseradish, and delightful browned butter. To top it off, indulge in the famous “Toast Skagen,” a classic Gothenburg dish with a mouth-watering balance of succulent shrimp and creamy dill dressing. Restaurang Gabriel is not just a meal, but an immersive experience that celebrates the bond between Gothenburg and the sea.

Heaven 23

Elevate your seafood game at Heaven 23, located on the 23rd floor of the Göteborg Tower. Besides the awe-inspiring panoramic views of Gothenburg, this high-rise gem has garnered much attention for its “King Size Deluxe” shrimp sandwich, a colossal heap of fresh shrimp piled atop homemade bread, served with aioli and boiled eggs. Be sure to snap a photo for your foodie friends, because they won’t believe it until they see it!

“As you relish the flavors of Gothenburg’s seafood, you experience the city’s vibrant history and feel the lingering essence of ancient sea-adventurers!”

The wine list is just as impressive as the food, with a wide variety of vintages and origins, ensuring the perfect pairing for every palate. For fans of bubbly, their champagne bar is sure to impress, offering a selection of exquisite options.

The elegant and sophisticated interior design, coupled with attentive service, make Heaven 23 an ideal setting for special occasions or intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones. Unwind and savor a gastronomic journey as you immerse yourself in the panoramic views beneath the Gothenburg skyline at this heavenly restaurant.


At Pinchos, fun meets seafood. This circus-themed tapas bar features an eclectic menu of fish dishes and a lively atmosphere. Order all your favorite tiny fish plates like calamari, tuna tataki, and mussels through their app, and prepare to be smitten with the vibrant, entertaining dining experience.

Gothenburg’s delicious seafood offerings are as diverse and abundant as its beautiful coastline. When visiting, make sure to indulge in the fish and seafood that grace the menus of these six fabulous eateries. No matter what you’re craving, Gothenburg’s got you covered for a fish-tastic food paradise!

Last Updated on April 15, 2023

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