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Experience the most beautiful sea voyage with the Norwegian Hurtigruten from minute to minute

From Bergen in central Norway to Kirkenes in the very north-eastern tip of the country. The Hurtigruten is a mail boat that has been sailing this route for more than 100 years. Since 1893 the route has been sailed weekly, first by steamship, now by modern ferry. The fleet consists of twelve unique ships, and one ship departs from Bergen every day. It is one of the world’s most extraordinary boat trips along the rugged Norwegian coast, beautiful fjords and the deserted north. During clear nights there is a good chance to see the northern lights.

Hurtigruten departs from the ancient Hanseatic city of Bergen and sails all the way to Kirkenes, near the border with Russia and then back to Bergen.
Hurtigruten departs from the ancient Hanseatic city of Bergen and sails all the way to Kirkenes, near the border with Russia and then back to Bergen.

The History and Significance of Hurtigruten Cruises

Over the years, the Hurtigruten has grown from a convenient way to move people and goods over a long distance to a tourist high point. Those who want to experience the Norwegian coast and want to travel comfortably to the far north are at the right place at the Hurtigruten. The cabins are simply and practically furnished, which really gives you the feeling that you are staying on a ferry.

Throughout the year, a Hurtigruten ship leaves Bergen every day at the same time.

The boat trip with Hurtigruten along the beautiful Norwegian coast is a unique experience. Every day you can enjoy the fjords coast, the mountain landscapes, the countless islands and islets and the various coastal towns and coastal towns where it is built. Cities such as Trondheim and Tromsø are honored with a visit, but also the impressive Lofoten and Vesterålen archipelagos are discussed. And again: the famous North Cape. On deck and from the panorama room on board the ship you can view all the beautiful things along the way in peace. Or you can chat with other people on board.

But you don’t necessarily have to travel to Norway to experience the Hurtigruten. In 2011, Norwegian broadcaster NRK broadcasted the entire route live on television. The 134-hour journey could be admired in its entirety on television. All the villages along the route flocked out to greet the boat, dressed in traditional costume. The broadcast entered the books as the world’s longest live documentary ever made. In the video above you will find the broadcast faster, from minute to minute. Here you can find the complete broadcast on the website of the NRK.

Last Updated on April 14, 2023

Mr Nordic

Mr Nordic

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